Stefanie Kleimeier

Working Papers

Beckmann, J., S. Kleimeier and H. Sander, Interest Rate Pass-Through And Banking Crises.

Bos, J., M.G. Contreras and S. Kleimeier, Self-regulation in collaborative environments, Maastricht University GSBE Research Memorandum RM/16/007.

Dinh, T.H.T, C. Hainz and S. Kleimeier, Collateral and its Determinants: Evidence from Vietnam.

Dinh, T.H.T, S. Kleimeier and S. Straetmans, Bank Lending Strategy, Credit Scoring and Financial Crises.

Kleimeier, S. and M. Viehs, Carbon Disclosure, Emission Levels,and the Cost of Debt, Maastricht University GSBE Research Memorandum RM/16/003.

Kleimeier, S., S. Qi and H. Sander, Deposit Insurance in Times of Crises: Safe Haven or Regulatory Arbitrage?, Maastricht University GSBE Research Memorandum RM/15/026.